grit report Q3Q4 16

    Q3-Q4 2016 GRIT Report

    The market research industry is changing rapidly, and it is more important than ever that we truly understand what the implications are for our business and profession.
    location webinar thumb

    What Marketers Should Know about Local Targeting

    During this webinar, Simmons Product Manager Margot Weisz, and Product Marketing Manager Jen Olson illustrated how marketers leverage local data and ESRI mapping technology for better audience targeting.
    understanding attitudes

    Understanding the Attitudes and Behaviors of TV Viewers for Better Audience Profiling

    During this webinar, Simmons Product Manager, Heather Geffen and Director of Media, Lauren Lanzi introduced a new integration that infuses the Simmons National Consumer Study with viewership of Nielsen-measured national TV programs and networks, and discussed ways that marketers can use the data to better understand, profile, and find their audiences.

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