Extend your team with MRI-Simmons’ consumer research and analysis experts

MRI-Simmons’ custom research services allow clients to dig deeper on their audiences, with the support of specialists in survey development, data integrations, fusions, statistic and consumer data analysis. Our custom research teams partner with clients to understand their business goals, identify how to get the most of the data we already have, and – where necessary – supplement that with primary research. Our analyses range from deep dive technical and research projects to strategic insights and decision trees to help your teams better understand and engage with your consumers.

Features & Capabilities

  • Quantitative survey and sample design
  • Fielding of primary consumer research studies, re-contact studies, online tracking studies and syndicated study enhancements
  • Customized marketing analytics such as segmentation development, based off of syndicated or primary data
  • Analysis of syndicated and custom data across over 60,000 data points and 6,500+ brands
  • Quick turn-around data extracts
  • Availability of respondent/panel-level data delivered in a standard file format
  • Data delivery to third party providers such as Telmar and IMS

Key Benefits

Find new consumer segments who are similar to your brand users
Size new market opportunities, and assess your competitive landscape
Understand which media channels matter most for your marketing efforts
Develop in-depth profiles of audiences for marketing strategy, creative campaigns, media planning and media sales
Access MRI-Simmons’ syndicated data and your primary research data in one environment

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