Attach proprietary questions to the USA Study

MRI-Simmons USA is the largest and most authoritative study of adult consumers in the United States. Crucial to the study's success is the relationship MRI-Simmons develops with survey respondents. With real data from real people, the results speak for themselves: the survey can quantify and qualify nearly every dimension of the consumer and media marketplaces in the U.S.

The Premier Omnibus builds on that relationship by recontacting survey respondents and asking clients’ proprietary questions. This is a powerful and highly efficient way for marketers to participate in the survey without incurring the steep costs involved in conducting a custom national study.

Features & Capabilities

  • Sample of 6,000 to 8,000 recent Survey respondents
  • Questionnaires consist of up to 16 pages
  • Clients can develop their own questionnaire pages
  • MRI-Simmons' research team is available for consultation on best practices for questionnaire construction

Key Benefits


Clients share cost and buy in on a question-by-question basis. Less expensive than a custom survey.

Faster results

Timely turnaround of data, with about 2 months from field to availability in our platforms.

Deeper data

Integration with MRI-Simmons data or your other custom studies; create custom segmentations too.


Once the questions are linked to the Adults, Kids, or Teens studies, they can be linked to other data or future study releases.

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