Cross-channel Consumer Insights for Academia

Providing students with professional research capabilities

MRI-Simmons Academic Solutions provide colleges and universities with access to the National Consumer Study, enabling marketing intelligence that drives advertising buys, consumer product development, and media programming decisions across the country.

Becoming fluent with our insights will prepare students for a career in marketing, advertising, market research, and consumer trend analysis.


  • Full access to licensed studies (not limited to specific data points)
  • Unlimited data runs; ability to retain previous data runs for future use
  • Teach students how to utilize and interpret consumer data in the development of creative marketing and communications plans.
  • Provide researchers with a unique perspective into the mindset of the American consumer.
  • Present new and relevant insights into the influential Hispanic marketplace.
  • Understand how consumers’ use of digital and mobile technology impacts their consumption of traditional media.
  • Prepare students for a career in advertising, market research, and consumer trend analysis by providing them with marketable research skills required by many employers today.
  • IP access available

A typical subscription includes:

  • More than 60,000 measured consumer elements
  • Over 500 product categories and 8000 brands
  • More than 600 attitudes and psychographic measures
  • Thousands of media properties
  • Segmentation systems
  • Language preferences of Hispanics, along with their attitudes towards advertising

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