Cross-channel Consumer Insights for Agencies

Drive client performance with actionable insight

These are challenging times for Agencies. A rapidly evolving digital media landscape, combined with "always-on", interconnected consumers has created a dynamic shift in the way agencies do business. Agencies must adjust marketing strategies often to target the modern consumer, and engage with them across appropriate channels.

MRI-Simmons' agency solutions are designed to provide a deeper understanding of what consumers are doing, and more importantly, why they are doing it. MRI-Simmons delivers flexible consumer profiling, analytics and data visualizations that help agencies win more business, build better customer strategies, and create more effective media plans.

Gain a complete view of target consumers by creating in-depth profiles of current and potential customers, as well as those of competitors. Only MRI-Simmons allows you to explore the motivations and triggers that explain and predict consumer behavior, providing agencies with a powerful profiling tool.
With MRI-Simmons, you can explore device and content preferences, pinpoint the triggers that drive shifts in consumption, and understand the influences that will predict future behavior of your target. This powerful combination allows agencies to confidently plan targeted brand experiences across traditional and emerging platforms.
By leveraging MRI-Simmons’ extensive measurement of consumer attitudes, preferences, and opinions, agencies can shape and execute more relevant and engaging customer communications that resonate with their target consumer.
Using audience segments built with MRI-Simmons, agencies can activate hyper-targeted campaigns across addressable TV, display, mobile, social, and video channels.

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