Make big data smarter

Marketers today are awash in data - from in-house CRM data, to sales numbers and digital KPIs. If big data is not representative and validated, it can lead to bad conclusions and wasted investments. To get the full picture, marketers need a partner to help enrich first-party data.

MRI-Simmons Data Enrichment provides one of the few data sets that can be used to validate, connect, and enrich first-, second-, and third-party data. Data Enrichment helps marketers understand consumers across tens of thousands of data points -- including what they think and value -- that can be combined, customized, and integrated to identify, activate, and capture additional opportunity for a business.

Features & Capabilities

  • Calibrate and weight your data to the leading truth set on the American consumer
  • Understand your consumers across tens of thousands of data points
  • Provides deeper insights into the WHY of consumer behavior
  • Integrate data to tell detailed stories about your consumers and prospects

Key Benefits


Expand your in-house data

* WHO they are: Comprehensive demographic insights

* WHAT they buy: 6500+ brands in 600+ categories

* HOW they think: 1800+ psychographic and leisure questions

* WHERE to reach them: Measurement of all major media types

* WHY they behave: Drivers to behaviors across major categories

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