Why MRI-Simmons

Essential Consumer Truth

At MRI-Simmons, we believe that great solutions and insights start with the best measurement possible. Our experience and expertise defines when we need to collect data using any number of collection methodologies and technologies, from traditional surveys to passive measurement. We also recognize that numerous data sources exist, such as online convenience panels that track what people do, what they think, and what they say. Yet we know that these sources alone were often not intended for high quality consumer and media measurement, so they definitely do not have all the answers we seek, nor are they of sufficient quality. The better answer is taking the best of both worlds.

Importance of Probabilistic Sampling

When it comes to consumer insights, there is certainly no shortage of data sources with varying methodologies. MRI-Simmons employs probabilistic and address-based sampling, widely considered to be the gold standard methodology by marketers and researchers alike. While competing methodologies (like opt-in online panels) rely on the same or similar set of respondents many times, probabilistic address-based sampling requires random recruitment of potential respondents for each study. When conducted across tens of thousands of respondents, this sampling methodology allows marketers to examine granular slices of the market without compromising the stability of insights.

Simply put, suboptimal sampling compromises the ability to get an accurate picture of audience size, brand preferences, spending power, and countless other measures central to marketing plans. This leads to incomplete, and even erroneous, conclusions about a consumer target.

Here are a few reasons why marketers rely on MRI-Simmons and probabilistic sampling:

Not prone to biases found in online convenience panels
Avoids erroneous conclusions about a consumer target
Creates granular slices of the market without compromising the stability of insights
Captures the true diversity of the US consumer market
Provides countless insights central to business and marketing plans
Redrawn annual sample most accurately reflects America
Used as the truth set to validate and calibrate data from convenience panels and large consumer files

How we compare

MRI-Simmons provides the leading multi-media study of Americans that leverages address-based probabilistic sampling, providing the most accurate truth set on consumer attitudes and behaviors.

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