Leveraging Psychographics to Find Potential Customers


Converting consumers to your brand is no easy endeavor. Marketers faced with this challenge usually start with demographics and a handful of attitudes and behaviors to characterize their current users, and then use an outside dataset to find other people who match this profile. This approach leaves a lot of potential insights on the table and often ends up with a brand casting an inefficiently wide net without successfully identifying their most promising potential customers. In order to strengthen conversion, marketers need to focus on what predicts brand usage, rather than what describes current users.

During this webcast, Simmons Research demonstrated an approach – called Predictive Consumer Insights – that leverages in-depth psychographics to help brands, agencies and media companies:

  • Pinpoint their strongest prospects
  • Inform creative and content strategies
  • Improve media planning
  • Address changes in a user base over time


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