Quickly Pinpoint Market Trends and Unique Audience Segments

To gain and defend a competitive advantage, marketers go to great lengths to understand the impact of current events on consumer sentiment, measure how these changes effect a brand or category, and quantify the impact of these changes on customer personas and segments.

Instant Edge is a do-it-yourself, proprietary insights generator, enabling marketers to unearth and understand consumer sentiment and relevant market trends. By fusing the results with Simmons’ National Consumer Study, marketers can leverage the combined data to instantly shift strategies and create brand differentiation.

Features & Capabilities

  • DIY short surveys using our intuitive survey creation tool, enabling faster data collection across our panel of 2 million consumers.
  • Featured “number of completes” recommendations to remove the guesswork when programming your surveys.
  • Automated fusion engine that links data from the Instant Edge survey to the Simmons core survey data within 2 weeks.
  • Actionable insights delivered reliably and quickly within the Simmons Insights platform.

Key Benefits

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