Illustration by Adam Hayes / POLITICO

Infographic and related content originally appeared on POLITICO Magazine, published on 11/2/2018

As part of POLITICO Magazine's Culture War issue this month, they decided to look at America’s Red-Blue split, specifically looking at consumer brand preferences. To accomplish this, they turned to Simmons, [Begin Shameless Plug] the leader in consumer behavior and brand preference insights. [End Shameless Plug].

With Simmons’ data, POLITICO indexed the top “liberal” and “conservative” brands across 36 categories, culminating in the infographic below. Here are some of the interesting insights we discovered together:

  • In 3 categories (Craft Beer, Liquor, and Airlines) there was no brand that ranked higher among conservatives compared with the average adult's preferences. This likely means that conservatives simply don't have a strong preference in those categories.
  • TV program viewing was the most polarized category, with a 285-point spread between the top programs.
  • The least polarized category was domestic beer, with both liberals and conservatives signaling a slight preference for the same brand (Coors).

You can find the full infographic below. Enjoy!

Matt Cumello
Matt Cumello
Matt Cumello is Vice President of Marketing for MRI-Simmons, responsible for marketing strategy and execution. Matt has over 20 years of B2B marketing experience, having worked with both start-ups and established companies in market research and technology.