Consumer Segmentation Systems

A more granular view of the American consumer

Supplement our National Studies with consumer segmentation tools. These resources – a few of which are offered free of charge to clients – provide a more granular picture and understanding of the American consumer.

The following segmentation systems are available:

Simmons Segmentations


Explores the mindset of America’s drivers, including attitudes and opinions about vehicles and driving.

Consumer Privacy

Explores consumer sensitivity to the subject of privacy and how they react to new trends in data sharing.

Economic Outlook

Identifies how different segments of the population evaluate their personal fiscal outlook.

Food & Lifestyle

Deep insights into consumers’ diverse eating habits and attitudes about food.


Analyzes the environmental outlook of consumers, including buying behavior, brand preferences, attitudes, opinions, and media habits.

Health & Well-Being

Provides vivid insights into consumers’ health and diet attitudes and motivations, behaviors, and lifestyles.

Hispanic Acculturation

Identifies Hispanic/Latino consumer participation in both Hispanic and non-Hispanic cultures.

Mobility Adoption

Provides deep insights into Americans’ world of mobile communication, information, and entertainment needs.

Political Personas

Delivers vivid insights into key voter segments, including attitudes and opinions on key political issues and social trends.

Product Placement: Television

Measures consumer receptivity to product placement in television programs.

Product Placement: Movies

Measures consumer receptivity to product placement in movies.

Retail Shoppers

Highlights the distinct mindset of consumers, their shopping behavior, and their preferences.

Technology Adoption

Provides details into consumer's use and adoption of technology.

Tipping Points

Identifies consumers most responsible for taking an idea, trend, or behavior and making it spread like wildfire.


Delivers valuable insight into consumer creditworthiness, combining easy to understand ranges of credit scores (from 501 through 900) with natural grade levels (A to F), corresponding to score range.

Waistband Segments

Deep insight into the food preferences, self-image, health, psychographic profiles, lifestyle characteristics, and media preferences of consumers.

MRI Segmentations

Leisure Styles

Insights into what consumers like to do in their free time. Explores hobbies, sports, travel, civic activites, movie attendance, and other lifestyle choices.

Consumer Innovators

Profiles consumers who are most likely to be receptive to new product innovations.

Buying Styles

Analyzes consumers outlook, attitudes, and preferences on shopping and buying.

Green Attitudes

Provides insights on consumer attitudes and feelings on the environment - buying behavior, activism, opinions, and eating habits.

Technology Attitudes & Behavior

Captures consumer thoughts and feelings on technology and tech adoption.

Finance Attitudes

Segments consumers based off of their fiscal attitudes and opinions, media habits, and banking methods.

Food Attitudes

Consumer attitudes and opinions on food, nutrition and health, cooking and purchasing.

Vacation-Travel Attitudes

Segments consumers based off of their feelings and preferences on vacationing and travel- looking at vacation preferences, activities and travel planning.

Automotive Attitudes

Analyzes how consumers think and feel about about cars, including buying influences, styling preferences, and environmental considerations.

Health Attitudes

Insights into consumers' attitudes and behaviors around health.

Money Borrowing Attitudes

Consumers' attitude and lenience toward and level of comfort with borrowing money.

Media Attitudes

Analyzes consumers and their feelings on mainstream media - by media channel - does it relax and entertain, inspire, inform.

Diet Control

Looks at consumers and their dieting and nutrition habits.

Interest in Advertising

Thoughts and feelings about advertising by media channel.

Newspaper Readers

Segments newspaper readers based on the different newspaper sections they prefer to read.

Civic & Political Engagement

Insights into different segments of the popuation based on their political participation, voting behavior, activitism, and civic engagement.

Mobile Attitudes

Looks at how consumers think, feel and interact with their mobile phones.

Fashion Attitudes & Style

Analyzes consumers' attitudes and opinions related to fashion, style and shopping.

Internet and Mobile Web

Explores how different segments think, feel and use the internet and mobile devices.

General Attitudes

Deep dive into consumers thoughts, attitudes, values and feelings towards their life, career, family and culture.

Online Shoppers

Analyzes consumers outlook, attitudes, and preferences on shopping and buying online.

Smart Lifer

Consumers who own or live in a household that own "smart" and connected devices in at least 3 different categories.

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