2019 Retail Shopper Report: Deal Seekers


Shopping is a major part of the American lifestyle, so much so that it seems everyone is always trying to find the best deal whenever possible. Even more than 10 years after the great recession, consumers have been conditioned to always look for deals.

Using the latest Simmons data, we created a modern “Deal Seekers” shopper segment to explore a holistic picture of who is seriously looking for deals, how they’re getting deals, and what motivates them to save. We found that Deal Seekers are shopping more than the average consumer, have more discretionary spend than the average consumer, and have the potential to double market penetration for many retail brands, making them a critical segment to target.

In this report, we:

  • Define the “Deal Seeker” segment, their demographics and motivators
  • Outline which states these shoppers are most likely to be found, and how much they’re spending compared to other consumers
  • Look at current top stores in different retail categories
  • Explore online and mobile shopping trends for Deal Seekers
  • Predict where Deal Seekers might be prospective consumers, and how brands could take advantage of new retail trends to grow market share