TransUnion and MRI-Simmons partner to enable addressability throughout the advertising ecosystem

MRI-Simmons, TransUnion partner for ad ecosystem addressability

Last week we announced a new partnership with Transunion that brings together high-quality data and technology to enable two important use cases for our clients and the industry as a whole.

First, MRI-Simmons’ data can now be layered on to the TransUnion identity spine, enhancing MRI-Simmons’ 60,000 consumer variables for data enrichment and activation. The result will be a newly created national consumer file for the total US adult population (250M+ consumers) that includes all of the robust variables measured by MRI-Simmons, including consumer attitudes, lifestyles, leisure activities, purchase intent, and more! This finely tuned and highly calibrated data asset will allow for endless consumer personas / targets for direct activation and data enrichment. With over 60 years of experience measuring consumer attitudes and behaviors, and a foundation rooted in high-quality, single-source market research, this new offering will become an invaluable tool for marketers and their agencies.

In addition, the new partnership will make MRI-Simmons’ audiences available within TransUnion’s TruAudience® Data Marketplace, enabling advertisers and media companies to reach precisely defined audiences in 80 million streaming households. Available immediately, advertisers can leverage thousands of psychographic and behavioral consumer variables from MRI-Simmons to build complex audience definitions. Combined with TransUnion’s unique reach, these trusted, high-quality MRI-Simmons audiences can be activated across leading streaming publishers, DSPs, and SSPs, providing an audience-based buying experience that power campaign performance.

This announcement builds on our ongoing commitment to data interoperability and enabling MRI-Simmons’ asset to play with the data that’s important to our clients. By aggressively building out our capabilities and integrations in the industry, including recently announced partnerships with OpenAP, TelevisaUnivision, datafuelX and DeepLabs, we are making it simple for our clients to transact on our asset. And we’re just getting started.

To learn more about MRI-Simmons’ new partnership with TransUnion, or any of our data enrichment and activation capabilities, please contact us today.

Josh Pisano
Josh Pisano
As Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation, Josh Pisano plays a central role in MRI-Simmons digital transformation. Among his many roles, Josh manages partnerships with major digital players, and is responsible for innovating data analytics applications to meet client needs.