Middle of the Road Voters

2024 is guaranteed to be a very charged political year. These days, it seems that Americans are often pigeonholed into two "sides." This is informed primarily by assumptions of the views that are commonly associated with the extremes of the political aisle. As a matter of fact, MRI-Simmons data shows that 77% of Americans believe media intentionally tries to divide them by presenting the extreme views at either end of the political spectrum.

According to recent data from MRI-Simmons' USA study, in total only about 26% of Americans see themselves at either end of the spectrum (11% very liberal and 15% very conservative). Surprising to most, there is a large group in the middle, with 74% of Americans defining themselves politically somewhere between “somewhat liberal” and “somewhat conservative,” with a solid 39% - saying they are “middle of the road”. Not surprisingly, about 70% of Americans - regardless of which side of the aisle they sit - say they are fed up with both Republicans and Democrats and feel no candidate represents their views.

Since my goal is to find common ground, I thought I’d take a look at how this 74% majority – middle of the road to somewhat liberal versus middle of the road to somewhat conservative – feel about some key topics that are very much in the news. Data seems to show that most American views are not as polarizing as the extremes of each party would have us believe.

A woman’s right to choose is highlighted as one of the most polarizing political topics, but again, the majority of Americans have similar views.

Let’s look at some “Family, Faith, Do Good” attitudes that can arguably be important to a fulfilled life. These attitudes can provide a common ground for maintaining relationships with family and friends who might differ on some politically hot topics!

So as politics heat up, why don’t we focus on our similarities? Maybe spending time understanding what we agree on will help keep the heat down and preserve some of the relationships that are most important to us.

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Catherine Saraniti
Catherine Saraniti
Catherine Saraniti is the Senior Vice President of Media Sales at MRI-Simmons. In her role, Cathy handles major publisher accounts and is a magazine “super fan”.