How do Americans feel about a pandemic holiday season?


In keeping with a “new normal” that reshaped nearly every moment of 2020, the holiday season could be unrecognizable compared to years past. Usually defined by packed shopping malls, big family get-togethers and long-distance travel, what will the winter months actually look like as the pandemic weighs heavily on consumers’ minds?

In this webinar, we unpack the latest wave of MRI-Simmons’ COVID-19 Consumer Tracking Study, which focuses heavily on American attitudes and behaviors heading into the holidays. In addition to updating our pandemic attitude segments and social/political questions, our new data also reveals exclusive insights into
  • Expected levels of holiday spending across categories and demographics
  • How people plan to celebrate without mass gatherings or travel
  • What impact the pandemic has had on gifting and philanthropy intentions
…and more. Watch this webinar to hear how Americans, eager to shut the door on a rough year, plan to make the 2020 holidays work. Fill out the form on this page to sign up.