Using insights to sell the vision of esports


Esports exists at the convergence of sports, media, and online culture. The rise of professional leagues, celebrities and dedicated media channel, represents the monetization of a passion for video games that has grown over decades. Yet this passionate audience is still widely misunderstood by advertisers and media partners. In order to effectively reach and compete for the growing and influential esports fan, marketers need reliable insights into who these fans are, the brands they use and how to reach them.  

Watch this on-demand webinar replay for a candid conversation about the challenges, future and potential upside of advertising around esports. First, Ben Paro (MRI-Simmons’ resident esports expert) will share insights to personify and contextualize esports fans within the broader lens of media and traditional sports. Then, Chris Mann (VP of Partnerships at Dignitas, one of America’s preeminent esports teams) will share his perspective on the mounting importance (and present shortcomings) of data/insights in esports today, and how data from MRI-Simmons has helped him close new business.

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