State of the Hispanic-American Consumer 2017


The influence of the growing Hispanic population on American culture can be felt everywhere, from the food we eat to the music we enjoy to even the ways we celebrate. Even though the Hispanic population is growing among all age groups, it’s the younger generations where we can see the greatest influence. To help today’s marketers stay ahead of this growing demographic and cultural trend, this report identifies key trends among Hispanic-American consumers.

This report highlights important trends in demographics, economics, language, attitudes about advertising and media, and cross-platform and mobile behaviors of the increasingly influential Hispanic-American consumer.

Report Highlights:

  • Growth of the Hispanic population among key age groups
  • Market size / discretionary spend controlled by Hispanics
  • Consumer outlook of Hispanics relative to all adults in the United States
  • Language preferences by generation
  • Attitudes towards advertising in Spanish
  • Trends in cross-platform media usage by device
  • Hour-by-hour smartphone usage by Hispanics