MRI-Simmons, EthniFacts leverage cross-cultural attitudes for richer targeting

New tool reveals untapped audiences for cross-cultural marketing

NEW YORK, November 14, 2019 -- MRI-Simmons, the leading provider of insights on the American consumer, and EthniFacts, a leader in cultural profiling, today announced the launch of Cultural Suite, a powerful tool that allows marketers to reveal expanded target groups for culture-based marketing to all consumers.

Cultural Suite consists of two innovative segmentations that transcend assumptions about ethnicity and culture:

  • Ambicultural® Fluidity (AFS) – measures Hispanic consumers’ movements towards and away from mainstream American culture and their root culture toward an ambicultural center. Its five-level classification – from Americanos to Tradicionales with True Ambiculturals at the center – allows brands to discover Hispanic audiences that might accept (or reject) their products and marketing.
  • Intercultural Affinity (ICA) – provides a lens on the cross-cultural attitudes of ALL US consumers of all regions and backgrounds. While some are Monoculturals (little interest in or rejection of things outside their root culture), others are Explorers, Enthusiasts, and even true Ambiculturals – all with different levels of openness and eagerness to embrace cross-cultural influences.

These sophisticated analyses allow marketers to:

  • Expand target market to include consumers who are more likely to embrace multicultural and general market products
  • Define levels of fluid acculturation, from unacculturated to fully assimilated, to the effortless duality of ambicultural
  • Inform messaging strategies that will appeal to target consumers by connecting with their cultural affinities

Both tools combine EthniFacts rich cultural profiling of consumers with the depth of MRI-Simmons’ Survey of the American Consumer®, which captures insights on attitudes, media, and use of hundreds of products.

Too often, multicultural marketing relies on reductive demographic data about consumers’ ethnic backgrounds and identification with US culture, leading to cross-cultural products and campaigns that overlook key audiences simply because they do not fall into traditional categories,” said Anna Welch, President of MRI-Simmons. “By incorporating powerful psychographic statements that reveal deep-rooted consumer motivations, our new partnership with EthniFacts helps marketers identify new target audiences for multicultural marketing.”

We’re excited to offer our innovative inter- and intra- ethnic segmentation models paired with the power and depth of the MRI-Simmons Survey of the American Consumer,” said Mike Lakusta, CEO and Founding Partner at EthniFacts. “With over half of the U.S. population under the age of 50 now living in multicultural or blended households – those that include multiple races and ethnicities – these models provide a much more accurate picture of the new diverse American mainstream and enable effective activations to consumers most likely to be influencers by sharing their diverse tastes and preferences.”

Cultural Suite is the second joint offering between MRI-Simmons and EthniFacts. In May of 2019, the two companies announced their Big 5 Personality Suite, an advanced tool that enables richer, more personal targeting strategies.

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