Build customer loyalty…beyond a simple translation

The Hispanic population in the United States is growing at a rapid rate and controls over 15% of the nation’s total discretionary spending. Do your marketing campaigns reflect this dramatic change in the US population? Simply translating your current campaigns into Spanish isn’t enough to connect with the increasingly influential Hispanic consumer. These consumers tend to be young, digitally savvy and appreciate it when brands develop messages reflecting an understanding of their language, culture, attitudes and beliefs.

MRI-Simmons makes it easier than ever to connect with the multi-faceted Hispanic population by providing marketers the trusted consumer insights they need to reach and engage this critical segment of the US population.

Key Benefits

Brand preferences research

Brands like Apple and Nike enjoy greater market share among Hispanic consumers. How can you build the same brand excitement for your products? Learn about your Hispanic customers’ behaviors, attitudes and beliefs based on prior product purchases.

Media Research

Key Hispanic segments are technically savvy and rapid adopters of new mobile devices, applications, etc. Build true brand love by understanding which media will effectively reach your Hispanic prospects.

Consumer Data

Reach unique Hispanic consumers beyond simple demographics by targeting them based on lifestyle, life-events and location.

Local Marketing

San Antonio, Miami and Los Angeles. Are those markets part of your local Hispanic marketing campaigns? Hispanics control more than 35% of discretionary spending there. Our local consumer insights can help you make meaningful connections with Hispanic consumers in the cities where they live.

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