Measuring the Coronavirus consumer impact

The MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Study explores attitudes and behaviors related to the pandemic, revealing new attitudinal (Nervous/Accepting) and behavioral (Bounce-Back/Live and Learn) consumer segments that emerged as a result of the crisis. The study delves into the impact COVID-19 has had on product purchases and intent, delayed, postponed and cancelled activities, media usage and preferences by category and platform, and much more.

Measurements include:

  • Virtual events: holiday celebration, religious gathering, school function *NEW*
  • General behavior changes: adopt a pet, items buying more/less, activities to lift the spirit *NEW*
  • Current event psychographics: environmental awareness during pandemic, racial issues in US *NEW*
  • Vaccines – both flu and COVID – plans and attitudes
  • Time spent with media (less/same/more than before pandemic)
  • Changes in behavior, including financial behavior, shopping/purchasing behaviors, dining behaviors, and working from home
  • Delay/postponement/cancellation of events and purchases
  • Changes in future behavior because of the pandemic
  • Long-term impact on shopping behaviors
  • Defining behaviors for the “new normal”
  • Opinions on reopening and back to school scenarios and associated safety protocols
  • Psychographics about current events, face masks, vaccines, and COVID-19 on social media
  • Post-pandemic expectations and plans
  • Attitudes about COVID-19, quarantine, media, the administration, and more
  • Consumer confidence: past, present, and future

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