The Brand Strategy Challenge: Faster, More Relevant Consumer Insights


Today, brand marketers and agency planners spend days mining through data to build personas. They follow this with days of executive-level Q&A. In fact, it is estimated that marketers spend 265 hours per year collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. It is also estimated that data analysts spend 80% of their time discovering and preparing data before producing insights. Clearly, the amount of time it takes to create an actionable brand strategy that incorporates relevant consumer behaviors is a major pain point for marketers and agencies alike.

During this webinar, Lisa Scheinman, Senior Product Manager at Simmons Research, and Jonathan Szaras, Senior Product Solutions Manager demonstrated how marketers can significantly reduce the time spent on data analysis, insights generation, and brand strategy development. Using two case studies, Lisa and Jonathan explored the Simmons Brand Catalyst tool and illustratedways that successful marketers can use brands, media, and personas, along with the multitude of Simmons data, to quickly build a successful marketing plan.

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