Lessons from a year of COVID-19 consumer studies


As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in America last spring, MRI-Simmons fielded regular surveys to understand how this generational health crisis was impacting the attitudes and behaviors of Americans. 

In addition to updates to our pandemic-specific consumer segmentations, this panel discussion covers:

  • Lessons learned from a year of insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors
  • Indispensable real-world perspective from partners who have used our data
  • What Americans are saying about their expected post-pandemic behavior

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We've assembled a panel whose unique perspectives are required listening for anyone trying to navigate this unusual consumer landscape:


Laurie Dewan

VP of Consumer Insights at Healthline 


Claire Browne

VP/Director of Media Research at RPA


Karen Ramspacher

SVP of Innovation & Insights at MRI-Simmons