Developing a Winning Data Strategy For a Cookieless Future


In response to the many challenges third-party datasets face, including cookie and IDFA deprecation, increased focus on consumer privacy, and restriction of data sharing by “Walled Gardens”, marketers are scrambling to build new data strategies to continue supporting their business. While zero, first and second-party data will play an important role in consumer engagement, these data sets are not at the same scale and velocity as third-party datasets based on cookies and mobile tracking. To power the same marketing use cases, brands will need to develop a strong data practice and/or rely on a trusted partner to help.  

In this video, MRI-Simmons and guests from AARP Services Inc. and TransUnion highlight how brands can leverage ethically sourced data and responsible data science techniques to deliver personalized experiences for consumers, drive new customer acquisition, measure marketing effectiveness, and more. 

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