Connect with the next generation of American consumers

On-Demand Video

A generation of Americans is coming of age amid rapid evolution in technology and media. They hold significant purchase influence among their households, are voracious media consumers, and are currently forging the brand connections that will inform their future decision making. 

When we reach out to young Americans to ask about their beliefs, goals, and stressors, it’s often the first time anyone has ever taken an interest in their perspectives. Given their responses, which reveal a conscientious family-oriented group with high ambition, we encourage advertisers to have a similarly curious approach: the sooner the brands they encounter take them seriously, the better.

In this presentation, learn key insights on how to connect with America's youth, both as kids and into their teen years, based on our national study that is both nationally representative and privacy compliant.  We're excited to welcome our partners at iHeartRadio and FutureToday to share how they're connecting with younger audiences most effectively. 

In this webinar, we'll share what we know about young Americans, including their:

  • Attitudes about family, the environment, and their future
  • Key stressors that impact their daily lives
  • Their technology and social media consumption habits