State of the Hispanic Consumer 2022

Complimentary Report

Hispanics in the US epitomize the nation’s status as a “melting pot.” The number of Hispanic Americans grows each year, and their keystone role in our culture does as well. Within this group, a rich variety of trends emerge and observers must be careful not to paint Hispanics with too broad a brush. In order to effectively understand and reach this key cohort, researchers must look closely at the many strands of this tapestry.

To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 14, we are pleased to release The State of the Hispanic Consumer 2022. In this complimentary report, we share proprietary insights about Hispanic Americans, including

  • attitudes toward cultural identity, eco consciousness, and shopping
  • discretionary spending power by region and in top markets
  • language preferences both at home and in advertising

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