Analyzing QR code engagement & effectiveness in print ads

Complimentary Report

QR codes have been around for over a quarter century, but their utility was not fully embraced until the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Suddenly, the concept of simple and contactless way to put content on an individual's device was indispensable to healthcare workers, restaurants & bars, and advertisers.

Magazine ads are a natural home for QR codes. In 2021, the number of print ads with QR codes increased nearly 550% compared to 2019 according to our analysis. Advertisers recognize how this simple code has the potential to generate additional engagement. But are readers actually scanning them?

This new report features a comprehensive analysis of over 85,000 magazine ads. The report reveals:

  • Who is noting QR code ads and how many readers are taking action from them
  • Which magazine genres and product categories with QR codes in their ads perform well
  • How similar ad creatives with and without a QR code compare in Note and Actions Taken

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