Personal Finance and the Generation Gap – Millennials

Top 3 Strategies for Marketing to Millennials

The Millennial generation, identified by Simmons as those between the ages of 18 and 34, is comprised of 70 million members that boast more diversity and size than their predecessors. Unfortunately, financial responsibility (or a lack thereof) is often seen as another key characteristic of this group. Yet, as this group comes of age and gains more financial power, it’s imperative that financial institutions keep up with Millennial’s evolving identities and expectations. Understanding Millennials’ current attitudes, behaviors, and preferences is critical when targeting and marketing to these unique consumers now, as well as when planning for the years to come.

In this white paper, we explore the 3 main points that financial institutions should understand when attempting to reach the Millennial consumer.

Report Highlights

  • General Attitudes & Lifestyle Quirks
  • Key Attitudes on Finance
  • Credit Card Usage
  • Methods of Bill Payment
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Types of Investments
  • Debt Profiles