The Effect of Holiday-Themed Ads on Noting and Any Action Taken

A Starch® Comparison of Print Ad Performance

The holiday season has officially arrived! With billions of dollars typically being spent on print magazine advertising in the fourth quarter, marketers are looking for better ways to track the effectiveness of their investments – specifically how successful those ads are at influencing consumer behavior.

Using insights from the Starch ad-effectiveness study, this report evaluates ad traits data to examine the potential influence of ads containing holiday-themed content on ad recall and any action taken as a result of seeing the ad.

Key Metrics used in this report:

  • Noted: A measure of stopping power, the percentage of readers who remember having seen the ad in the study issue
  • Any Action Taken: The percentage of Noters who took an action as a result of seeing the ad: Have a more favorable opinion about the advertiser; Visited the company’s website; Looked for more info about the product/service; Recommended the product/service; Considered purchasing the product/service; Purchased the product/service; Cut out/saved the ad; Visited a social media site/app; other various responses based on the ad itself; None.