RampUp 2019 MRI Simmons

The MRI-Simmons team is heading back to the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on February 25-26 for this year’s edition of RampUp, LiveRamp’s preeminent event for MarTech and Data-Driven Marketing. It promises to be two full days of learning from and networking with partners, clients and prospects.

We’re very excited by the recent news of the MRI-Simmons joint venture, and the innovation in consumer research and insights that our new combined company will deliver to our clients and partners.

If you’re a Data Owner looking to enrich your first-party data; a Brand wanting to gain deeper insights on your current and future customers; or a MarTech platform seeking to build linkages to upstream consumer strategy and segmentation - leaders from our Partnerships and Brands teams will be in attendance and are eager to meet with you.

To schedule time to talk with us at the show, please complete the form below:

Steve Dennen
Steve Dennen
As Head of Partnerships, Steve has leadership for all business and corporate development efforts at Simmons. He and his team are responsible for establishing and growing partnerships that span revenue generation, product development, and strategic initiatives, as well as identifying and executing strategic investments and acquisitions that align with Simmons’ strategic goals and growth objectives.