Unlocking Opportunity in the Convergence of Tech and Health 

Webinar Replay

The worlds of technology and health are undeniably colliding. This made us wonder: Could looking at this convergence from a consumer experience and expectations perspective help illuminate and focus opportunities in this space? And for who?

In this webinar recording, Karen Ramspacher, SVP of Innovation and Insights at MRI-Simmons, joins Eric Heinemann, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer and Hannah Bronston, Sr Brand Strategist/Tech & Health Practice Lead at Roundpeg Consulting, for a demonstration of MRI-Simmons and correspondence mapping. Eric and Hannah reveal the different views of health, treatments and technology—and how this landscape relates to retailers, brands and opportunities with consumers.

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Eric Heinemann

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Roundpeg Consulting

Hannah Bronston

Senior Brand Strategist | Roundpeg Consulting

Karen Ramspacher

SVP, Innovation & Insights | MRI-Simmons