Connecting with Anxious Americans during COVID-19


Throughout the COVID-19 experience in America, brands and creators have gone above and beyond their traditional role with consumers - sending a lifeline to a weary public with helpful resources and messages of hope. But the past 18 months put an enormous strain on Americans' collective mental health, due in part to competing viewpoints about how to stay safe. Anxious and unsure, the day-to-day activities and attitudes of typical American consumers are shifting without warning - and the public might be harder to reach.

During this panel discussion, Amy Conway (Editor in Chief at Health Magazine), and Karen Ramspacher (SVP of Innovation & Insights at MRI-Simmons) unpack some prevalent attitudes among Americans, including their levels of anxiety, confidence in vaccines, trust toward the health care industry, and opinions on emerging healthcare tech as the pandemic's toll grows. This session also features new data from MRI-Simmons' most recent COVID-19 Tracker Study.

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