One Source, Complete Market Data

The Survey of the American Consumer® generates the country’s largest and most current consumer database. Media choices. Demographics. Lifestyles and attitudes. Consumption of over 6,500 products and services in nearly 600 categories. Ratings data for almost all national print campaigns in the United States.

The Survey is the hub to everything we do. It provides the base for all of our consumer research products.

Marketing and media decision makers use the Survey of the American Consumer to perform a wide variety of analytical, planning and reporting functions.

  • Pinpoint targets
  • Identify trends
  • Develop product lines
  • Reposition brands
  • Fine-tune media campaigns
  • Study consumer motivations
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Gauge brand loyalties
  • Analyze demand across segments
  • Quantify niche target potential
  • Explore new strategic directions

Print media

Every major national consumer print vehicle – approximately 225 magazine and national newspaper titles – subscribes to the Survey. More than 100 unmeasured magazines prototype their audiences using the Survey's comprehensive database.

Electronic and digital media

All the major broadcast and cable networks, the largest radio stations and networks and the most established Internet players rely on the Survey. Digital measurement services focus on counting audiences. The Survey excels in counting and understanding them.

Advertising agencies

Over 450 US agencies – nine out of ten – subscribe to the Survey. The Survey is seen as the research gold standard for the print industry and a powerful resource for consumer and market insights.

National marketers

Close to 200 national marketers subscribe to the Survey. It can identify, qualify and locate best prospects for specific products in specific markets. And the Survey supports the development of successful strategies to reach those markets.

Accredited by the Media Ratings Council

With all the data available, you need to feel confident in your business decisions about where to spend your ad dollars. MRC accreditation provides the assurance that the data you're using is of a quality that meets MRC Standards of being valid, reliable, and effective. Accreditation means that MRI's Survey of the American Consumer provides the appropriate quality control to reduce the effects of bias, distortion and human error in its data. Adherence to standards in sample selection, data collection and delivery means that you can make more informed business decisions with confidence. The MRC was created to provide and administer an audit system for the media industry's audience measurement services.

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