Score big with insights into fan behavior

The MRI-Simmons Sports Fan Study allows marketers to analyze groupings of sports fans and fan behaviors at very granular levels across key categories, including esports and sports betting. With over 10,000 respondents annually, it is the most comprehensive study of sports fans in the United States.

The Sports Fan Study is fielded quarterly and released bi-annually, within our Fall and Spring National Studies. This study provides a wide range of insights on modern sports fans, including lifestyle and personality traits, spend habits and brand overlap, modes of engagement with sports content and all forms of media (including social), and thousands of other learnings to help marketers drive business growth through partnerships and ticket sales.

Features & Capabilities

  • Sport, team and league-specific data to drill down
  • Segmentation of fandom by sport across all sports measured
  • Fan engagement (digital, traditional, and social) and path to fandom
  • Sponsorship and advertisement of sports teams, leagues, and athletes
  • Sports attitudes and opinions, including attitudes about kids and sports participation
  • Spending on sports-related items, including spending at sports events by category
  • Professional and development-level interest in sports
  • The new worlds of sports, including fantasy sports and eSports

Key Benefits

Leverage these sports-specific questions with over 60,000 variables, including Hispanic-specific questions on media, advertising, language, culture, and more.
Share the cost of a custom-type study with others in the sports vertical, as well as agencies, PR firms, and others.
Enhance marketing, advertising, and sponsorship strategies; learn the what and why of existing and potential fans.
Help build fan strategies with insight into the drivers behind fan behavior; dive deep into motivations and actions.

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