Audible insights on a growing audience

Over 70 million Americans listened to a podcast in the past 30 days, and even over the past week, the draw is still strong with 60 million Americans.* Podcasts are popular, and their popularity is only growing as the format expands.

The MRI-Simmons Podcast Study offers insights on podcasting, including a dive into the world of podcast listeners. Deeper analysis of engagement and behaviors, as well as motivational drivers, are compiled alongside the extensive set of MRI-Simmons' National Study.

This comprehensive study includes:

  • Detailed demographics of podcast listeners
  • General lifestyle values, mindset, and motivations
  • Leisure activities and media preferences beyond podcasts
  • Attitudes on engagement with podcast content, hosts, and ads
  • Top podcast programs out of over 40 covered in the study
  • Actions taken based on podcast advertising
  • Preferred magazines, TV networks and streaming platforms

* MRI-Simmons 2020 Podcast Study

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