Multi-dimensional measures of media and ad engagement

Simmons Multi-Media Engagement is the only syndicated, cross-channel engagement measurement tool available today. It represents a unique, media-neutral metric for planning, buying and selling that goes beyond a simple measure of age, gender and/or clickstreams.

Features & Capabilities

  • Multi-dimensional measurement of engagement that tracks nearly 800 different magazines, TV programs/ networks, and websites.
  • Measurement of up to 35 unique engagement statements and 9 engagement dimensions for every vehicle.
  • Full integration with the Simmons National Consumer Study, allowing for analysis of engagement metrics across 60,000 measures of consumer behavior.
  • Fielded online with over 15,000 respondents per wave; released twice a year

Key Benefits

Demonstrate the link between a user’s engagement with the content of the media vehicle and their attention/receptivity to the advertising.
Improve targeting, programming/content development, and ad sales.
Advertisers and media creators can match brand advertising and specific message strategies with the most appropriate media properties.
Measure media engagement across seven global engagement dimensions: inspirational, trustworthy, life enhancing, social interaction, personal timeout, ad attention/receptivity, and overall engagement.

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