Leveling the playing field for magazines

Marketing Mix Modeling has traditionally favored television, which reports gross rating points for TV on a weekly basis for local markets--the preferred inputs for most modelers because sales data is also provided on a weekly basis at the local level.

Granularity, a syndicated product by MRI-Simmons, now levels the playing field for magazines with local market weekly print data for Marketing Mix Modeling, by translating print schedules into GRPs for marketing mixed models. Reader-per-copy metrics are calculated from Issue Specific data, accumulation curves, and Market by Market estimates. These proprietary metrics have greater strategic value because they are based on actual – not proxy – measures.

"Analyzing magazines always seems like putting a square peg in a round hole – until the introduction of MRI-Simmons' Granularity tool! Granularity provides the right inputs for Media/Market Mix Models including magazine advertising. At the DMA level – in line with store sales – and cumulative over time – in line with the way magazine are consumed. If you’re looking for an accurate reflection of how your magazine campaign is contributing to sales, there is no other option."

Britta Cleveland, SVP, Meredith Research Solutions

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