Predictive Consumer Insights

Identify and profile potential customers

In today’s economic climate, marketers are looking for new and innovative ways to prospect and expand market share. Unfortunately, demographics alone are not enough to predict complex consumer behavior, and segmenting consumers based on demos and a handful of behaviors is – at best – a crude method for determining a meaningful audience. To help scale their business, marketers need to focus their efforts not on the larger universe of potential prospects, but instead on a targeted subset of prospects who are most similar to their existing customers.

Powered by advanced predictive models, Predictive Consumer Insights pinpoints the top psychographic drivers that predict ownership of a brand, and identifies the top prospective consumers for that brand. Marketers and brand teams can then profile this “likely owner” segment against over 60,000 data variables that exist in the National Consumer Study. Insights from such profiles can be used to incorporate the right psychological triggers to inform your creative and media strategy and drive increased return on ad spend.

Features & Capabilities

  • Unearth key Psychographic elements that improve brand choice and activate these high performing segments across multiple channels
  • Clearly identify and differentiate between your current customers, prospects and non-consumers using predictive power of holistic psychographics
  • Compare and contrast your current and potential customers to those of your competitors
  • Identify key media vehicles and properties that can help engage with your customers and prospects

Key Benefits

Identify key psychological triggers to enhance consumer engagement
Reduce ad wastage and optimize return on ad spend by omitting consumers who will never purchase your brands
Increase sales by identifying prospect attributes that increase the likelihood of brand choice or product purchase
Grow market share by understanding the profile of prospects and key attributes that drive them to competitors
Tell a compelling story for your brand with the right content and context, leveraging Holistic Psychographics
Combine psychographics and content consumption to identify the right messaging and media that drive higher ROI
Get the right psychological triggers into your creative for more effective advertising campaigns

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