Turn actionable insights into targeted geographies

From the products Americans buy to consumer attitudes and lifestyles, SimmonsLOCAL reports on the robust geographic nuances of all of America’s 209 media markets. Through a single powerful database, SimmonsLOCAL delivers superior intelligence that drives consumer targeting, market evaluation, and media planning decisions. SimmonsLOCAL includes the same in-depth, trusted information on lifestyles, attitudes, purchase behaviors, and media usage as Simmons' National Consumer Study.

Features & Capabilities

  • Available through Simmons OneView platform, enables easy to build, read, and export crosstab data runs.
  • Includes a number of pre-built segmentation systems, including retail shopping, mobile phone, food/lifestyle, and others, to reach people with specific characteristics.
  • Available for all 209 national media markets, with analysis down to the zip code level for each of them.
  • Import custom geographies to define your specific territories, across counties, states, or media markets.
  • Actionable, customizable maps by market, county, ZIP Code or a combination of geographies can be created using visual analysis tools.

Key Benefits

Flexible Markets

Define geographic combinations across census regions, states, media markets, counties, or ZIP codes with complete flexibility to examine geographies individually or to combine them.

Consumer Behavior

Purchasing information on over 8000 brands in more than 500 categories, as well as 600+ unique attitudinal, psychographic, and segmentation measures.

Media Usage

Enables profiling of the media habits of local customers, including television networks and programs, magazines, newspapers, websites and radio formats.

Local Television Data

Program ratings from the Nielsen Station Index can be integrated with the SimmonsLOCAL data.

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