MRI-Simmons Activate

Activate MRI-Simmons Targets for Cross-Channel Campaigns

The world of digital media buying has become increasingly focused on lower-funnel tactics, with disproportionate weight given to optimizing against cost and near term gains. These approaches alone fail to incorporate the predictive power of psychographics, which can help identify new customers and optimize ad creative.

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive consumer data, MRI-Simmons Activate allows media buyers and sellers to create unique audience segments and activate those segments for hyper-targeted campaigns across addressable TV, display, mobile, social, and video channels.

Features & Capabilities

  • 110+ channel partners including all major DSPs, DMPs, SSPs, addressable TV platforms, and exchanges
  • 200,000 consumer attributes, including 8,000+ brands and 600+ attitudes and opinions
  • MRI-Simmons segments available for over 90% of US households, cookies and mobile device IDs
  • Easily combine with first- or third-party datasets
  • Works with primary research studies
  • Export to the DMP of choice

Key Benefits

Launch hyper-targeted campaigns across data-driven TV, display, mobile, social, and video channels.
Streamline the media planning and buying process with holistic consumer profiling, targeting and activation capabilities.
Create and activate proprietary segments using the MRI-Simmons; National Studies and custom re-contact studies.
Leverage extensive psychographic measurements to shape and execute more relevant and engaging ad creative.

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