Create proprietary data with minimal investment

Custom research can be an expensive and lengthy process. The MRI-Simmons National Omnibus Study allows clients to link their proprietary questions directly to the multitude of variables that are available in the Simmons National Consumer Study or the Simmons Kids and Teens Studies.

By leveraging these custom questions in the Omnibus Study, clients can analyze new proprietary data and custom segmentations -- without incurring the high costs of independent research.

Features & Capabilities

  • Connected to Simmons' National Consumer Study, including measurement of over 25,000 consumers across the United States.
  • Field a single question or a series of questions; you can even include questions needed to create custom proprietary segmentations.
  • Analyze your data with over 60,000 variables, including data on over 8,000 brands and more than 750 psychographic and attitudinal statements
  • Access your proprietary questions through the Simmons OneView platform for additional analysis, or through other third-party processors.

Key Benefits


Clients share cost and buy in on a question-by-question basis. Less expensive than a custom survey.

Faster results

Timely turnaround of data, with about 2 months from field to availability in OneView.

Deeper data

Integration with Simmons data or your other custom studies; create custom segmentations too.


Once the questions are linked to the Simmons Adults, Kids, or Teens studies, they can be linked to other data or future study releases.

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